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suzuki, traditional, jazz.

Brighton MA, 02135

about alexander

Having started piano lessons at age four, Alexander draws on varied experiences as an accompanist and soloist as well as a long study of jazz, western classical, the Taubman Approach and the Alexander Technique to nurture students’ artistry, technique and musical knowledge. His priorities as a teacher are to help each student achieve their goals, cultivate a greater appreciation of music, and bring joy to themselves and others through piano playing.

Alexander holds a B.A. in jazz studies from Temple University where he worked closely with jazz luminaries including Bruce Barth, Tom Lawton, John Swana and Joe Magnarelli. Since leaving Philadelphia in 2019 he has formally studied the Taubman Approach, the Alexander Technique and the Suzuki Method as well as provided qualitative and harmonic analyses for researchers at the Pennsylvania State University. He currently maintains a private piano studio in Boston, MA, where he is enrolled in a three year Alexander Technique teacher training course.

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alexanders' recent live recordings

Memories of You

My Heart Stood Still


modern techniques

Alexander combines his studies of music pedagogy and movement-focused approaches like the Alexander Technique and the Taubman Approach to share a comprehensive style of learning with students.

Musicality, ease of movement and an intuitive understanding of music are prized above velocity and showmanship and developed through engagement with quality repertoire rather than through old staples like drills and finger exercises.

Composition and improvisation are tutored and encouraged from the outset, and ear training skills are placed above mere note reading. Special attention is given to establishing habits which are applicable beyond piano playing such as purposeful practicing and awareness of the body and breath.

a deeper purpose

The purpose of music lessons should go beyond the development of mere technical skill and knowledge to enrich the student’s life more deeply. All students benefit from the mental stimulation of piano playing and from developing the discipline, perseverance and mind-body coordination required to achieve pianistic competency.

Alexander places special emphasis on fundamental skills useful in all spheres of life such as awareness of the breath and attentive listening, and he helps students identify and overcome personal learning challenges—e.g. “I’m not talented enough,” “I’m too old to improve,” or “I have no rhythm”—as well as technical snags.

something for everyone

With years of experience performing in jazz, classical, pop and musical theater contexts, Alexander is equipped to work with students interested in a variety of styles.

Lessons can be tailored to the student’s preferences and priorities rather than limited to a small set of classical repertoire. Transcription of favorite recordings is encouraged to students interested in pop, rock and jazz, and discussions of music theory are centered around practical concepts useful to performers.